[BUG] Passing a LargeInteger to primSignal:atMilliseconds: hangs the VM

Alain Fischer mailinglist.fischer at bluewin.ch
Mon Jan 26 23:21:07 UTC 2004

I have seen something similar while playing with Roe and PosgreSQL 
I attach the error log if this can help.


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Le 26 janv. 04, ? 23:01, Avi Bryant a ?crit :

> Easy way to freeze Squeak:
> (Delay forMilliseconds: 100 factorial) wait.
> The primitive fails (which is fine), a notifier comes up, and then the 
> VM hangs (which isn't).
> This was uncovered by Radoslav Hodnicak due to a bug in the PostgreSQL 
> Client (which was using Socket standardDeadline where it should have 
> been using Socket standardTimeout - possibly a common gotcha for 
> people converting to the Network Rewrite).
> Avi

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