Monticello, SM2, BFAV in 3.7alpha

Michael Rueger michael at
Tue Jan 27 02:41:36 UTC 2004

Avi Bryant wrote:

> I would argue almost as strongly that we *should* have a package 
> definition interface as part of the core.  That is, I think it would be 
> useful to have a standard Package interface (or, if you prefer, call it 
> Categorization) that various system tools like the Browser can depend 
> on.  Nothing fancy, just a way to tell what discrete groups of code 
> exist in the image.  SystemOrganizer is one possible implementation of 

I can agree with that :-)

> there shouldn't be any viral effect.  By the same logic, however, I 
> don't think it's crucial that we put it into Basic - since nothing 
> should be depending on it, it should always be trivial for a user to 
> just load it with a single click from the Package Loader when they want 
> it (or load it on demand from an item in the world menu, or whatever).

Exactly :-)

No ramble tags necessary ;-)


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