Monticello, SM2, BFAV in 3.7alpha

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Tue Jan 27 07:54:21 UTC 2004

Hi all!

When I said "stuff into Basic" I of course meant *as a package*. I
*always* mean that - unless I state it differently! :)

I know this is all confusing - at least to some of us, so let me
reiterate a few facts that perhaps we are *all* aware of:

Minimal - the kernel we are working towards. This is *not* the image
that the update stream is connected to. Repeat that 10 times on the
blacbkboard. :)

Basic - this is the image that the update stream feeds. It consists of
Minimal + a number of packages making it a good base for development.

Full - this is Basic + a slew of extra packages making it "nice".

Ok, PackageInfo has already been cleared for inclusion into Basic. It is
already there. So is SM, though we haven't pushed the SM2 update out
into the stream yet - and the autoupdate when opening the package loader
seems to work pretty fine so far, so no big hurry.

Now, when SM2 eventually hits the stream it will pull VersionNumber and
MCInstaller with it. Again and as always *as packages*.

So, if there is still "resistance" against putting Monticello into Basic
as a package, I have no real gripe with it - since it is trivial for
people to install it on their own. And let's face it - very soon we will
start to see "distros" like the Developer Workspace thingy since with
releases (SM2) this is actually easily doable.

Anyway, I will leave this "as it is" and add some logic into the package
loader so that people don't end up doing upgrades with only MCInstaller

regards, Göran

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