SM final tweaks (was Re: Trouble getting SqueakMap to work)

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Tue Jan 27 14:14:00 UTC 2004

Hi all and especially youMac people! :)

I have implemented #asString36 and #fromString36: on class UUID which
represents the UUID as a String in base 36 ($0-9 and $a-z, lower case)
which squeezes it in at 25 chars. SMFileCache now uses this method
instead of #asString.

Since this problem appears already in the load script (package
"SqueakMap") I have both released a new "SqueakMap2 base" 0.94 and a new
loadscript. And while messing with the loadscript I accidentally deleted
an old one, etc etc - so now there is only one release of it - 0.93.

Hopefully this for now resolves the current crop of BUGs that have been
reported and I look forward to hearing a success report from Jazzmynn.

And right, if you simply upgrade "SqueakMap2 base" (install Monticello
first please), then you can clear out your old cache directory
(/sm/cache/packages) because those old directory names will not be

regards, Göran

PS. I will also later on add some convenience mechanisms in the package
loader to open a filelist on the proper cache directory etc, since
finding the correct dir is now very hard. :)

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