Issue with KomHttpServer

Peter William Lount peter at ActiveInfo.CA
Tue Jan 27 19:29:30 UTC 2004

> Alexandre Bergel <bergel at> wrote:
> > Installing KomHttpServer or KomPackaging from SM shows up a popup
window, asking me if I want to load KomPackageBuilding. Answering yes simply
brake the loading process...
> > Any suggestion?

Göran wrote:
> Don't answer yes. :)
> The dialogs etc are from inside the SAR script - that Stephen maintains.
> I don't know what he is doing in there. The only thing I *do* know is
> that StarBrowser isn't updated (last I looked) to work with SM2.
> KomPackageBuilding is Stephen's home brewed package system. Not needed
> to just use KomHttpServer.


I encountered this problem and dug into it a bit and discovered that the
KomPackaging is loading it's own and now "incompatible" version of
"VersionNumber". This incompatibility creates all kinds of errors with
regards to "versionString" messages. A new version of KomHttpServer and
KomPackaging (and possibly KomServices) are needed that avoid this
"packaging class conflict" problem.

As Goran said, just say "no' to loading the "KomPackaging".

A system, possibly part of squeak map, that identifies "packaging" class,
methods, globals, etc... conflicts is desirable.



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