[ENH] Accufonts changeset candidate for 3.7alpha

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Tue Jan 27 20:44:32 UTC 2004

With the help of a bit of handy code from Ned, I've converted the
Accufonts.sar file on SqueakMap with all of its bundled .sf2 font files
into a single changeset which could be added to the update stream. The
entire changeset is just over 100K, not too bad, although a little too
large to post to this list, so I put it here:


This is the candidate for inclusion in the 3.7alpha update stream. Note
that the main point of the changeset is to remove the original Apple
fonts (NewYork) from the image, so that the font clause in Squeak-L
becomes irrelevant, allowing the possibility of making progress with
sublicensing (or even re-licensing) Squeak. The replacement fonts look
very similar so there shouldn't be much that's noticably changed. As a
bonus, several extra bitmap fonts are thrown in.

This also removes the ComicPlain/Bold bitmap fonts, which are not free
font and were removed so that potential business users of Squeak have a
"clean" image to work from font-wise. On the other hand, apparently
there is some legal precedent recently that bitmap fonts are not
copyrightable, so this may or may not really be an issue.  Anyway,
"Accujen" is a reasonable looking sans-serif replacement for the Comic

This changeset does not remove the ComicSansMS TrueType font (yet),
which probably should be removed, because outline fonts definitely are
copyrightable, and this is not a free font either as far as I know.
However, I was going to wait and possibly remove this one as part of
incorporating the BitStream Vera TrueType fonts, so we have a bunch of
replacement TT fonts before getting rid of this one.

The "Atlanta" bitmap font, which someone donated to Squeak awhile back,

The Accufonts come with their own (very simple) license, included in the
changeset preamble. This seems fine, fonts are a very different entity
from source code, and it is not uncommon for software to provide a
separate license for included fonts.

There are still a couple of smallish issues with these fonts, but I
wanted to get these in soon so that people can try them out, and we can
fix/tweak things based on feedback from that. The problems I know of
are:  The character widths for some punctuation characters could use
some adjusting... e.g. the Accuny period character is quite wide and
looks funny IMHO. Also, some fonts such as Accuny09 and Accuny10 have
the same size of 12, which can cause problems for some tools, such as
Boris Gaertner's useful FontEditor tool.

One odd last thing... I notice that the "Smalltalk garbageCollect" at
the end of the postscript does not remove the old fonts from "StrikeFont
allInstances", but doing a manual garbageCollect after filing in the
changeset does. Maybe the ChangeSet object is somehow holding onto the
fonts up 'til then, or something. No biggie I guess, we'll make sure
garbage is collected sometime before 3.7 goes final. ;-)

- Doug

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