SM final tweaks (was Re: Trouble getting SqueakMap to work)

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Tue Jan 27 22:01:50 UTC 2004

Martin Wirblat <sql.mawi at> wrote:
> >PS. I will also later on add some convenience mechanisms in the 
> >package loader to open a filelist on the proper cache directory etc, 
> >since finding the correct dir is now very hard. :)
> Hi Göran,
> that was why some people tried to convince you to use real package 
> names ( + version-no ) instead of UUIDs or even 'encrypted' UUIDs. For 

I know. But you didn't succeed. :) Two issues with using package names:

1. The names can then not change. At least not without problems.
2. The names can contain "tricky chars". Spaces, lower/upper case,
slashes etc. And guess what happens with those in filenames? :-) And
yeah, the package names would be limited to 31 chars.

It appears that there are already 12 packages with names longer than 21
(SMSqueakMap default packages collect: [:p | p name])
	select: [:n | n size > 31 ]

> instance I would like to be able to _browse_ the downloaded packages 
> with an ordinary ( host OS ) filemanager. As it now stands, everyone 
> will use everywhere the UUIDs. That is more Randomtalk than Smalltalk 
> in mails, scripts, docs and here directories. It reminds me very much 
> of the infamous registry of M$, which primary reason of existance IMO 
> is to take away control from the user. 

Hehe, now you are a bit harsh. Comparing SM with the M$ registry? ;-)

I know that readable names would have been nice - but I decided that I
want packages to be able to change names, and I also think the problems
with making package names work in all filesystems that Squeak supports
would be a hassle I don't have the energy to take on.

But hey, know what? You can *easily* whip up your *own* variant of
SMFileCache! Seriously! Take a look at that class. You only need to
implement ONE method:

SMFileCache>>directoryForPackageRelease: you can have any scheme you like! The only "problem" will be when
we start shipping preloaded caches.

> Anyway, ( perhaps I should have said that first :) great work! I like 
> especially the open and inviting web interface - very important 
> psychological aspect of SM. 

Thanks. And as always - ideas on improvements or even offers of help
greatly appreciated. :)

> regards
> Martin

regards, Göran

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