Porting issues

Vincent Coetzee vincent.coetzee at ebucks.com
Wed Jan 28 04:50:34 UTC 2004

Hi there

I am currently performing a port of Squeak to a particular platform 
(that has already been done, but I need specific behavior in the VM) 
and I was hoping someone might be able to answer a few questions that I 
have been unable to find the answers to by reading source.

Is there an easy way to find the oop of a class with a particular name 
from within the VM ?

What is the approved way of storing pointer oops into instance 
variables, is it storePointer:ofObject:withValue ?

Is there some vague documentation about the nature of the "boot" 
process in the image, i.e. I understand that one can track the process 
via reading what happens after a snapshot in SystemDictionary, but 
there is a lot of very convoluted code there and I seem to be getting 
strange behavior, in that my port is correctly calling ioScreenSize, 
and ioHasDisplayDepth, but ioForceDisplayUpdate and ioShowDisplay, 
never seem to get called.

Thanks in advance


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