Porting issues

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 28 06:03:00 UTC 2004

Vincent Coetzee <vincent.coetzee at ebucks.com> wrote:
> Is there an easy way to find the oop of a class with a particular name 
> from within the VM ?

Any "root" objects (including classes) that the VM needs to access directly
should be put into the specialObjectsArray, see that access method and its
set method #recreateSpecialObjectsArray in SystemDictionary.

> What is the approved way of storing pointer oops into instance 
> variables, is it storePointer:ofObject:withValue ?

Yes.  See interpreter access protocol in ObjectMemory for the full set

> Is there some vague documentation about the nature of the "boot" 
> process in the image, i.e. I understand that one can track the process 
> via reading what happens after a snapshot in SystemDictionary, but 
> there is a lot of very convoluted code there and I seem to be getting 
> strange behavior, in that my port is correctly calling ioScreenSize, 
> and ioHasDisplayDepth, but ioForceDisplayUpdate and ioShowDisplay, 
> never seem to get called.

Someone else may be able to help here.  I usually just mentally trace
the code.


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