Finding original change sets in the Version Browser

Michael Roberts mike at
Wed Jan 28 08:24:15 UTC 2004

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 03:27:11PM -0800, Scott Wallace wrote:
> Hi, Mike,
> By "history browser" here, do you mean a "recent submissions" tool?
Sorry, VersionsBrowser which I have got from various places by the appropriate button or menu. 

Thanks for the detailed explanation - it really helps.
> It wouldn't be at all hard to add a feature that allows the user 
> explicitly to delete a particular method from the recent-submissions 
> list, but I've never heard a demand for such a feature. nor 
> personally felt a need for it.  Except, perhaps, in your email today?
No, I just need to [FIX][TEST] my understanding :-)
I have understood for a while the continual side-effect nature of the system but not all of the ways that you can manage this.  I guess I got stuck with what 'removal' from a change set actually does.

I was getting stuck in my understanding because I did, just to clarify, the following:

* I thought the back button of the protocol browser, via Lexicon, was acting a bit strangely - btw is it supposed to cycle backwards or just change the direction of going forwards?  The forwards button keeps on cycling forwards but the back button just toggles between the current and last selector.  Depending on when you then press forwards, you can then change the direction of travel?  I would prefer it to cycle backwards...
* So I inspect the ui and find that I need to look at Lexicon>>navigateToPreviousMethod
* I debug-it on sending this to the model and step through how this works, having looked first how forward works with an inspector open on the active selectors collection
* I then think that the method, not in front of a browser at the moment, that updates the list of visits only works for going forwards
* So I whack a self halt in this and try to see if I could modify the method to make backwards cycle
* I then want to make a few changes elsewhere to Lexicon and want to back out the changes in this first method I modified.
* So from a VersionsBrowser I revert the method, so the history of this method shows the original method, a load of changes from me and the original method
* I then remove my methods from the change set - not really knowing what this does
* At this point expecting all trace of my modifications to be removed
* And then I get confused why I can still see my code versions and it can't find the original change-set
* All of which, with new understanding, is completely normal!

Would you mind just commenting on Lexicon, Scott, as I think you wrote it and I'm sure I'm expecting it to do something different when I press back.


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