SM final tweaks (was Re: Trouble getting SqueakMap to work)

Martin Wirblat sql.mawi at
Wed Jan 28 19:31:27 UTC 2004

goran.krampe at wrote:

>I know. But you didn't succeed. :) Two issues with using package 

I have not given up yet :)

>1. The names can then not change. At least not without problems.
>2. The names can contain "tricky chars". Spaces, lower/upper case,
>slashes etc. And guess what happens with those in filenames? :-) And
>yeah, the package names would be limited to 31 chars.

The attachment has a method  String>>asAlphaNumeric:mergeUID: with 
which one can convert arbitrary names to a string with fixed size, 
guaranteed to be unique and without "tricky chars". 

Something like a 'speaking UUID'. 


'Crop SketchMorphs and Grab Screen Rect to JPG' asAlphaNumeric: 31 
mergeUID: 10  	'CropSketchMorphsAndG_iOw94jquN6'

'Monticello' asAlphaNumeric: 31 mergeUID: 10    

About clashing probability:

For 10000 packages and a UID length of 10 the worst case probability 
of having a duplicate name is < 1.4 e-8. Taking into account that many 
package names are shorter than 20 chars and do have unique names 
themselves it is much smaller. 

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