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from preamble:

"Change Set:		Tests-md
Date:			29 January 2004
Author:			Marcus Denker

These are all the tests from the BaseImage tests package on SqueakMap.

We decided to add these to the image to make it more  easy to add new
and, most important, allow the tests to be used as runnable

Conventions used:

a) All tests are in a parallel class-category with the prefix Tests-
    This makes it easy to remove all tests.

b) Tests for single classes: These tests are named ClassToBeTestedTest,
    tests that test a single method are named testOriginalMethod, and
    in a method-categorie named like the original, but with the prefix 
    'testing - '.
    For these kinds of tests an abstrakt subclass of TestCase (named
    is provided that adds common tests that seem to be usefull in all
    (three up to now: a test if all methods are categoriesed, a test to
send new
    and a test that looks if a class comment is provided)

c) Tests that are testing more than one class (whole subsystems) or test

    for complex bugs are of course possible. These can be put in an
    'Tests-*' category or even add their own (like Tests-KCP, or

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