[BUG] Can't read fileOuts with bundled methods

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Fri Jan 30 02:32:27 UTC 2004

Folks -

Somewhere along the line, Squeak seems to have lost the ability to 
read fileOuts where one methodsFor header introduces a number of 
method chunks, as in...

!ST80NonImmediate methodsFor: 'initialize-release'!
from: anObject
	self subclassResponsibility!
class: aClassObject
	class := aClassObject!
class: aClassObject oop: oopInteger
	class := aClassObject.
	oop := oopInteger!
oop: oopInteger
	oop := oopInteger! !

Since Squeak dropped this format (in favor of per-method headers 
which carry time and author stamps), it's not really a problem for 
US.  However VisualWorks, among others, still produces this format, 
and it seems a shame not to support it.  A prededent for such 
compatibility exists in the method ClassDescription>>methods whose 
sole purpose is to read Smalltalk/V fileOuts.

I am willing to fix this, but I'm writing in hopes that someone else 
here has had to deal with this and has already got a fix (which I 
would then propose be included in the release).

Thanks in advance for any leads

	- Dan
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