FileList2 opening on a directory

Brian T Rice water at
Fri Jan 30 02:36:47 UTC 2004

Hi all,

In response to the recent discussion about SqueakMap's directory names, I
decided to start coding Goran's suggestion that a menu entry on the
Package Loader allow you to directly browse to its cache directory. So it
all works... except, the actual bit about opening a FileList[2] on
anything except the default directory consistently. Here's the code
I'm using:

win := FileList2 morphicView.
win model directory: dir.
win openInWorld: self world

It does browse to the correct directory. What fails to happen is the
hierarchy list being updated and selecting the directory that has been set
in its model, the FileList2. I believe that I am initializing something in
the #morphicView-send, and either need to update the list somehow
afterwords or use a different "instantiator".

If someone has some insight on this that I'm missing through an Explorer
and several Browsers (and not being very comfortable in Morphic in the
first place), please share it. This would let me finish this feature
immediately and have it incorporated by Goran, so there is a reward to
this. :)

PS: What really shocks me is that no other package or code seems to do
this or even try. Do we really not care whether our UI tools can be easily
called from other apps?

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development

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