pending 3.7.1b3 mac classic VM (Unicode support).

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Fri Jan 30 07:19:38 UTC 2004

There are some folks who still use the mac classic VM. In fact one of  
them lobbied for a VM change and on
reflection I did it.

Way back when we moved from polling to the event model we had the idea  
to toss
up not only the ascii value of the key being pressed down/up but also  
other meta data. Like the unicode, or
at that time we decided for the macintosh to use the keyboard virtual  
keycode, which is a number that matches to a
key on the keyboard. Mind there is a couple of dozen keyboards, so  
having this be useful is rare.

The change pending is to return the unicode, and behave exactly like  
the os-x implementation, which returns
the macroman and unicode values. This should allow for one thing the  
ability for os-9 machines to support
unicode aware fonts in different languages (I suppose).

We're confirming the mapping and behavior is correct. Anyone who is  
interested in trying an early
version should email me.

I'll note this doesn't provide 'true' unicode support since we get the  
keyboard data in macroman, versus
  unicode at the event layer, so don't expect to input and get back  
*any* unicode values.
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