Using BFAV2

Brent Vukmer bvukmer at
Fri Jan 30 14:16:22 UTC 2004

Frank -

Thanks for the extra details.  Sorry about the slow response.  I've
tried recreating this bug, but haven't succeeded yet.  

> This may or may not be related: I noticed at home yesterday 
> evening that when I tried to view the latest postings on 
> BFAV2 that the archive IDs of the posts were higher than the 
> latest .eml in - which of course also made BFAV2 
> somewhat upset.

This is a separate issue.  We did some maintenance work on the BFAV
server which temporarily kept from being updated correctly.
That's fixed now, and the next time you do "load updates" the BFAV
client should refresh your local repository. 

> fullName's value's been truncated by the stack viewer, so I 
> inspected the value and it's
>   fullName: 'C:\Program 
> Files\Squeak-3.2.2\email-file-repository\bfav.squeakfoundation
> .org\'
> frank
> 28 January 2004 9:28:30 am
> VM: Win32 - a SmalltalkImage
> Image: Squeak3.7alpha [latest update: #5657]
> [] in StandardFileStream class>>forceNewFileNamed: 
> {[(CannotDeleteFileException new messageText: 'Could not 
> delete the old versi...]}
> 	Arguments and temporary variables: 

The problem seems to be with forceNewFileNamed: , as Boris pointed out
in another post.  I'm not sure why the CannotDeleteFileException is
getting triggered.  The file should not be open.

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