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Fri Jan 30 15:46:03 UTC 2004

from preamble:

"Change Set:		ifEmptyParam-md
Date:			30 January 2004
Author:			Marcus Denker

Julian Fitzell posted a changeset to add ifEmpty/ifNotEmpty methods to
Collection. This
is now part of 3.7a.

>From his changeset preamble:

There was some discussion and it was agreed that they should all take
0-arg blocks in all their forms and we could add #ifEmptyDo:, etc. at a
later point if desired.  

Now there's a nice way of having ifEmpty: take both a 0-arg block (like
and a 1-arg block (like ifNotNilDo:) by using valueWithPossibleArgs: to
double-dispatch on
the number of arguments in the block. 

ifNotEmpty: aBlock

	^self isEmpty ifFalse: [aBlock valueWithPossibleArgs: {self}].
enabeling both	
#(1) ifNotEmpty: [:i | i first] 
#(1) ifNotEmpty: ['hello']     

This changeset changes ifNotEmpty:/ifNotEmpty:ifEmpty and
ifEmpty:ifNotEmpty to use

I think it would be good to have the ifNotNil inlining and the methods
to take
both 0-Arg and 1-Arg blocks, too. I will look into this later.
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