BFAV2 problem: Failed to extract email file

Marcus Denker marcus at
Fri Jan 30 15:31:17 UTC 2004

Am 30.01.2004 um 15:24 schrieb Brent Vukmer:

> Hey Marcus.  I can see from the stack trace below that your BFAV
> client's listing version doesn't match the server listing version.  
> What
> should happen in that case, is that the client reloads the listing.
> It's very important that this works correctly, since the listing is
> regenerated after BFAV server maintenance, listing format changes, etc.
> Would you mind putting a halt at the beginning of ArchiveRepository >>
> handleListingVersionUpdate and see if ArchiveRepository >> reload is
> getting triggered? (I suspect it is not, since your local 
> listingVersion
> doesn't match
Ups. Sorry: dumb me has allready deleted that installation. But I think
this comes from my usage of BFAV: I never close BFAV, just save the
whole image.... but I did a "reload" just before klicking on the post...
(I will check with a new installation)


Marcus Denker marcus at

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