upgrading monticello

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Fri Jan 30 17:42:29 UTC 2004

Frank Shearar wrote:
>>>>>"Avi Bryant" 01/25/04 21:13 >>>
>>I've just posted two new releases of Monticello to SM, revisions #86 
>>and #90.  Why two?  Because one of the bugs fixed in release 86 is 
>>triggered by release 90 - so if you're upgrading from an earlier 
>>version, you have to upgrade to 86 *first* (fixing the bug), and then 
>>upgrade to 90 (no longer triggering it).  If you try to upgrade 
>>directly from, eg, 69 to 90, you'll get an error halfway through the 
>>load and your image will be left in a horrible inconsistent state.  
>>Don't do this.  (Isn't self-hosting fun?)  Just loading 90 
>>into a clean 
>>image should be fine, though.
> I downloaded version 86 from SqueakMap, installed it manually, and then
> upgraded using the PackageLoader. Everything worked fine until right at
> the very end, where I got a Warning. The Warning said "blah blah you
> can click on Proceed to try again, which will probably work". Certainly
> I didn't get any errors after that.
> I presume that this is normal and fine and I haven't just destroyed my
> image, leaving it a smoking ruin of radioactive rubble? Certainly,
> opening a MonticelloBrowser I can open SnapShotBrowsers on packages and
> look at bits, without things blowing up, so I think I'm in the clear...

Yeah, that warning with a proceed is one of the features that 86 added 
for you - it retries any of the chunks that had errors (because most of 
them are caused my moving variables up or down between superclasses and 

I thought Avi posted a slightly newer version that removed the prompt 
and just did it actually, but I guess it was probably an update to 90, 
so you'd still have got the warning until you actually got that version 

In any case, you should be fine now...


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