[BUG] Monticello Browsing Package and *Extensions

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Fri Jan 30 18:32:41 UTC 2004

Samir Saidani wrote:
> Weird !
> Take a vanilla Squeak 3.6 #5424, load a SMSqueakMap2 (Squeak asks for
> it), then Monticello Package v94,
> In category Test, add MyTestClass derived from PackageInfo, add a
> methodCategoryPrefix ^'*test' then add where you want this protocol.
> Add the Test Package in Monticello, Browse it : all it's ok.
> Rename it '*test protocol' with appropriate changes, it works.
> '*Test protocol' don't work.
> *Testprotocol don't work.
> *testprotocol work.
> *testProtocol don't work
> *test Protocol don't work.
> Could you try ?

If you package is called "Test" then I wouldn't expect it to pick up any 
of those (the fact that it picks up '*test protocol' sounds like a bug). 
  If you want it to be part of the Test package, you should name the 
method category '*test' or '*test-protocol'...

Or am I misunderstanding what you're trying to do?


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