[ENH] Giving information on method author (name,url,email...)

Samir Saidani saidani at info.unicaen.fr
Fri Jan 30 19:07:02 UTC 2004

Add in the method menu of the browser the possibility to have more
info on the author : email, complete name, url, description... if such
informations are available on SqueakMap. So SqueakMap is a
prerequisite. Try it by open a method menu then more... then info on

FileIn the .st first (due to a bug in SMSqueakMap2, see my precedent
post, I didn't manage to make monticello take into account this
extension method in SMSqueakMap2) then load the monticello package.

Samir SAIDANI				
PhD Student in CS / Doctorant en informatique 	web : http://www.info.unicaen.fr/~saidani
Universite de Caen - Laboratoire GREYC          tel : 02-31-56-74-30
Equipe MAD - Campus II - 14032 Caen Cedex       fax : 02-31-56-76-30

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