[ENH] ifEmptyParam-md

Adam Spitz adspitz at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 30 20:03:15 UTC 2004

Brian T Rice wrote:

> At the very least, kluge it onto methods or contexts, which
> actually do care about control-flow, and don't use
> implicit-self syntax, but implicit-context-receiver syntax.

I thought it was a kluge too, at first (I started playing with it
purely for pragmatic reasons - I didn't feel like writing #ifEmpty:
and #ifNotEmptyDo: and #ifZero: and #ifNotZeroDo: and so on), but
it's starting to grow on me. Now it kinda feels right to put this
on Object - it's a way of telling an object, "I probably want you,
except sometimes when I want this other thing."

You could probably convince me about the implicit-self vs.
implicit-context-receiver thing, though.


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