BFAV2 problem: Failed to extract email file

Brent Vukmer bvukmer at
Fri Jan 30 21:36:34 UTC 2004

> I was also seeing an error when opening the BFAV (now I don't 
> remember 
> if it was the "Failed to extract" error), so I put at halt in 
> the place 
> you mentioned.  I started with a fresh image and I loaded the latest 
> BFAV2 (2.03), but my email-file-repository directory is about 
> two weeks old.

Thanks Doug.

This sounds like the fresh image, upon opening the BFAV client for the
first time, is not correctly identifying a mismatch between the local
repository's listing and the server's listing.  Hmmm....  Ken and I will
talk about this.  Sounds like we need to review the logc here.

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