Croquet , Knoppix, Squeak

Gary McGovern zeppy at
Sat Jan 31 15:40:55 UTC 2004

I still haven't got my hands on Croquet. Is there somewhere that I can get
it from ? Is it still being developed ? The last few times I have tried to
check the mail list the server has been down or there has been no recent

I've just started to play with Knoppix a little bit lately and I think it
is excellent. It's the best linux product I've used for the hardware
detection (I can even use my usb external hard disk and usb graphics
tablet). I would love to have Squeak and Croquet work like that. Has anyone
done work to make a Croquet, Squeak version. I notice that there is a Java
Desktop  version of Knoppix now.

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