BFAV2 problem: Failed to extract email file

Ken Causey ken at
Sat Jan 31 16:46:10 UTC 2004

> At some point, Doug Way wrote:
> Sorry, I think you may be right here, I'm used to using the BFAV with my 
> own settings and I forgot that the default view does not show the 
> Approved groups (and forgot to check if those were already Approved).  
> I'll let you know if they are really missing.

That's OK.  I think you will find them.

> (By the way, didn't there used to be a URL which shows all of the 
> headers on the BFAV2 server?  Is that still available?  Sometimes it's 
> handy to quickly check if something is there if I don't have a 
> BFAV-installed Squeak image handy.  Although I suppose I could just 
> check the squeak-harveset and squeak-dev archives.)

Nothing has changed in that department.  The format of the listing has
changed overtime but it is not likely to go away since it is what BFAV
uses itself.  To look at it in a browser go to

It's signficantly faster however to download

but this file may be up to 10 entries behind.

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