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Sat Jan 31 18:28:42 UTC 2004

Gary McGovern wrote:

>I still haven't got my hands on Croquet. Is there somewhere that I can get
>it from ? Is it still being developed ? The last few times I have tried to
>check the mail list the server has been down or there has been no recent
I'm in the same situation as you about Croquet but I've seen on the web 
site of the C5 "International Conference on Creating Connecting and 
Collaborating through Computing"  that Andreas Raab and David Smith made 
a presentation about it last thursday ( I wish I was there ...)
I'd like to learn more about it too  :-)  Please ...

>I've just started to play with Knoppix a little bit lately and I think it
>is excellent. It's the best linux product I've used for the hardware
>detection (I can even use my usb external hard disk and usb graphics
>tablet). I would love to have Squeak and Croquet work like that. Has anyone
>done work to make a Croquet, Squeak version. I notice that there is a Java
>Desktop  version of Knoppix now.
I use Knoppix and I find it  great too, a lot of themes live distros are 
emerging based on it( and it doesn't seem to be too complexe to actualy 
make them).

In France the "ofset" association is doing a live CD called "Freeduc" 
based on knoppix with free and open sources scientific educationnal 
tools for math and science education (primary to superior levels). They 
also develop interseting open source softwares for this distro like Dr 
Geo ( a great 2D geometry program witten in Scheme I believe).
It's in English, Spanish  (hello LinEx  friends :-) ),  Italien, and 
"bien sur" French. They  now won the support of UNESCO for the 
translations and distributions of the live CD in schools. 
It would be great if Squeak would be on it if there is no issues over 
licences. They seem to be GPL oriented. I'll try to contact  them on 
this (I'm a new member).
Anyway a Squeak live distro + friends (croquet, scratch, tweak ?) + 
tutorials + free books would be great (especially for Linux since Squeak 
installation doesn't seem very easy).

On the the C5 web site I've seen that Alan Kay key notes has been 
canceled due "to his sudden illness".  Can someone reassure me he has 
nothing serious in the long term. I really think we need to keep him in 
good health !



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