Questions about sqkPage

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Sat Jul 10 07:54:39 UTC 2004

Hi all

I'm trying to fix the server related code of BookMorph and while 
browsing the class
I noticed that page use a property named SqueakPage and I have a couple 
of question.

- what is a SqueakPage?
any PasteUpMorph?

- Then what is the policy to use a property versus an instance variable?
Here I have the impression that using property was because there is no 
class and any PasteUpMorph  could be a book page. Can a bookmorph page 
be something else
than a PasteUpMorph?

- the problem with property is that it is much more difficult to 
identify and understand.
It seems that BookMorph overly used property: for example, what is the 
reason to have
dontWrapAtEnd as property and not as instance variable?
Why keepTogether, uniformSize are a property and not an instance 
Is it because this was introduced gradually and introducing properties 
instead of instance variables
make saved morph break less?


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