Squeak 3.8 status

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Jul 30 12:18:32 UTC 2004

> Let me just point out a small fact that we all IMHO should be aware of:
> The open Squeak community (as differentiated from closed projects like
> Croquet) doesn't have access to Tweak. I have personally just recently
> *seen* it for the first time. I have no idea about the goals or plans
> for Tweak. I have no idea how the involved persons joined the project
> and I have no idea about release plans or licenses or anything else
> regarding Tweak.

Do not frustrate we will be enlighted once and may be become estatics,
who knows? Sometimes I wish I would be less idiot and be more egoist 
and use my time
for my stuff.

> I am guessing it will be released to us soon, and I am guessing it will
> be under a reasonable license, and I am guessing it is meant to become 
> a
> Morphic replacement and I am guessing that the project will eventually
> be developed in an open fashion too. And these guesses are also my
> hopes.
> Now, perhaps people think I am too harsh and you get annoyed with me 
> for
> saying all this. I am not saying that Tweak *must* be open - it can be 
> a
> closed project and I have absolutely no right to criticize it for that.
> Heck, I assume there are tons of closed projects out there using Squeak
> as a base platform!
> But my focus is the open Squeak. The stuff we all share. And my focus 
> is
> the plans laid out for improving and developing open Squeak - in a
> community fashion. In the open source fashion.
> I *love* all those closed projects using Squeak because that is GOOD 
> for
> Squeak! :)
> But I *don't* give those projects a single thought when it comes to the
> plans for the open Squeak.
> So... if anyone want me as a Guide to consider how Tweak should be
> handled in Squeak - then I am sorry, I don't have an opinion and I 
> can't
> plan for it, in that respect Tweak doesn't exist yet.

Agreed but if tweaker are going faster that way, let us wait and see.
A better morphic sounds like a dream....

> And again - please don't get upset at me! :) The Tweak team is fully
> aware of this and my personal guess is that they *like* to work on it
> "on their own" and thus are waiting as long as they possibly can until
> they open it up to the rest of us. Again, that is *their* choice.


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