Squeak 3.8 status

Steven Riggins steve at geeksrus.com
Tue Jul 27 23:13:16 UTC 2004

heh shows what I know.  I even made the book with those cheesy 
Omnigraffle slides :)

That text is part of proposal.  I think, when we're done, we're going 
to have a really fun environment for authors (non-programmers) to be 
introduced to Smalltalk and squeak.  It is kind of how a class I helped 
teach iMovie went - We didn't teach people iMovie for a weekend, we 
showed them how to shoot video, gave them scenes to shoot, brought the 
video in and then had them edit their own stories, which of course made 
them ask "How can I cut out this video..." and off they went until 
2:30am :)

The power of Squeak et al, to an end user such as my mother, does not 
lie at the System Browser, but at other tools that allow them to get 
tasks done, like eToys.  Similar to seaside,  web surfers never see 
smalltalk, it just works.  In our case, I want to be able to email my 
mom a working widget game and have her drop it into her scrapbook of 
stuff her son did.

Power at all levels, when someone needs it.  We'll try and get a more 
formal site up as we release code for people to play with.  Right now 
we're in the mode of learning tweak, building use cases and executing 
them and getting some issues like OS windows out of the way so we can 
concentrate on the fun stuff :)


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