Trouble installing Chuck

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Tue Jun 1 07:12:40 UTC 2004

Hi lex

I read your paper and tried to understand :) Long time ago I read the 
PhD of Agesen and the master of Garau,
but I'm not sure I ever understood :) Anyway the paper is good and I 
will really have a look at Chuck. I think that
we can build of lot of top of it.

Now I have some simple questions:
	- Could we find a better characterisation of the goals to prune?
	I imagine that certain smalltalk constructs or highly polymorphic 
message sends could be prioritize to be pruned

	- Imagine a Smalltalk variant where we could annotate each AST node 
with type information, which may be
	wrong or absent. We could type check the code to make sure that there 
is a kind of coherence between
	the annotation but we could use this information for the inferencer.
	So do you think that this would be worth?

	- Alternately we could also analyze the name of the variable and 
extract some kind of type information that
	we could correlate with your findings.


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