[ENH] FileListFileOpenFix-nk v2 ( Can not install this fix )

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at rnid.org.uk
Tue Jun 1 10:43:36 UTC 2004

> >>> "tomkoenig at mindspring.com" 05/29/04 18:06 >>>
> with a 3.7b and 5923 updates, plus MC, BFAV-1570fbs.mcs, I go
> to install
> the three cs associated with this fix.  install first one
> successfully,
> go to install second one and get the following walkback
> Error: PatchArchiveAttachments are not indexable
> I have tried various install orders, but it appears that once
> i install
> any of these 3 cs's, I can not install any other.  I have also
> experienced this problem with earlier versions eg with update 5905.

Hm, I'm sure I got this working before, since I [er]'d it... but now I get a
similar message - MNU: String>>fullName. Both your error and mine seem to
arise because something gives SimpleServiceEntry>>performServiceFor: a
String. (I installed the Service changeset, then the FileList one, and got a
walkback installing the BFAV one.)

I'm looking into how the menu gets created for now, trying to figure out how
things should work versus how they do work. I'll likely take a while since I
have to first learn how to use menus in the first place - for all I know I
could simply be barking up the wrong tree.


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