[ENH] FileListFileOpenFix-nk v2 ( Can not install this fix )

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Tue Jun 1 17:56:06 UTC 2004

Frank Shearar wrote:

>> Hm, I'm sure I got this working before, since I [er]'d it...
>>but now I get a
>>similar message - MNU: String>>fullName. Both your error and
>>mine seem to
>>arise because something gives SimpleServiceEntry>>performServiceFor: a
>>String. (I installed the Service changeset, then the FileList
>>one, and got a
>>walkback installing the BFAV one.)
>>I'm looking into how the menu gets created for now, trying to
>>figure out how
>>things should work versus how they do work. I'll likely take
>>a while since I
>>have to first learn how to use menus in the first place - for
>>all I know I
>>could simply be barking up the wrong tree.
>OK, as a stab in the dark, I added String>>fullName, which returns self. (I
>just realised that i could have left the method empty, but I like being
>explicit.) That seems to work. Certainly the BFAV attachment installed fine
>At any rate, I'd appreciate other minds than mine, preferably more
>knowledgeable ones, thinking about this - does String>>fullName make sense?

I think we probably do not want to create String>>fullName...  #fullName 
is normally implemented by file-related classes such as FileDirectory 
and StandardFileStream, so it sounds like the problem is that a String 
is being sent this message when the sender is really expecting a 
FileDirectory or similar for that object.  So, we need to trace where 
that String is coming from.

On another note, it sounds like this fix fixes roughly the same thing as 
Andreas' fix, which Goran recently approved. (see the "[BUG] File List 
does not delete files" thread from today)  So we need to determine which 
one to use...

- Doug

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