[BUG] self halt

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Jun 1 19:40:11 UTC 2004

Stephan Rudlof <sr at evolgo.de> wrote:

> Do you - or any other one - plan to provide a fix in the near future?
> Otherwise - if it takes longer than a week or so (currently I'm busy
> with a mechanism for automatically switching external prim calls on and
> off and not with the plugin) - I vote for withdrawing the update until
> it works with the last VMs.
So far as I can see it's not a VM bug per se; more an interaction with
some process/signal related recent image update. For example, self halt
works just fine in an MVC project. It works fine in a 5816 image. 

The best candidate must surely be in the area around all the input
process changes we've made recently. Right now though I really can't
see how using a prim to do a yield instead of the image code could
impact that. The interrupt key works ok. I note that even installing
Anthony's latest context cleanup doesn't fix this one.

The short term answer is to rescind the 5909 update - but I don't get
to do that, it's up to Doug. 

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