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Nevin Pratt nevin at
Tue Jun 1 20:24:44 UTC 2004

Doug Way wrote:

> Nevin Pratt wrote:
>> I've been running 3.5 for awhile now, and am just starting to play 
>> with 3.6.  I've noticed a difference in the debugger.
>> In 3.5, I could have "browseWithPrettyPrint" turned on, and 
>> everything was just nifty.
>> But in 3.6, when I have "browseWithPrettyPrint" turned on, the 
>> debugger tries to highlight the code as if the pretty printer was 
>> *not* turned on.  This makes the debugger completely worthless unless 
>> I turn pretty printing off.  And, since the debugger is an absolute 
>> necessity, the debugger trumps the pretty-printer, thus making the 
>> pretty printer worthless.
> Some good news for you... this is fixed in 3.7beta.  But it is a 
> problem in 3.6.


How do I advance my system to 3.7?  It used to ask me if I wanted to 
advance to the next rev.

As far as my 3.6 goes, I got it from

I am wanting to run this on a Mac (Panther).  Does the 3.6 VM still work 
with 3.7?  If not, where do I get the new one?

Sorry for all the piddly questions...


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