Trouble installing Chuck

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Wed Jun 2 08:48:38 UTC 2004

> Just for the record - I have on multiple occasions asked for
> co-maintainers of SM. :)
> I am still in gather-all-fixes-mode for SM. As soon as I get through
> those I will start on deps. Really. But I simply must get these FIXes
> done first.
> And the beta period is also stealing a bit of my attention, especially
> since the group of harvesters currently aren't very active - or so it
> seems.

Yes I think that the excitation of 3.7 is over now so it should be 
And yes some of the harvesters are tired (me the first). But this is 
to private stuff.

> I would want more people to turn the attention to BFAV and enter 
> "*FIX*"
> in the title field and then go through those. Stop messing with ENHs. 
> We
> are in beta guys and time is running out. :)
> regards, Göran

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