socket input instead of mouse

Randy Heiland heiland at
Wed Jun 2 09:35:00 UTC 2004


Apologies up-front from a total newbie developer.  (We're experienced
software developers, just not in Squeak/Smalltalk - and yes, we're aware
of the good tutorial links at

We were wondering what it would take to run Squeak on a particular
custom display/interaction device here in our labs (running Linux).
I'll be vague for brevity.  Basically, the question becomes, can we
replace the function of the mouse in Squeak with a stream of (x,y), pen
up/down commands via a socket?  We would welcome any pointers at
kick-starting our efforts.  Our goal is to have something by Squeakfest
in Aug :)

Also, I didn't see a search engine on the Sqeak-dev archives, but if
one's available, could someone point that out as well?


Randy Heiland
Assoc Director, Scientific Data Analysis Lab
Indiana University Pervasive Technology Labs

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