[BUG] World menu via red button

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Wed Jun 2 18:55:27 UTC 2004

Chris Muller wrote:

>In 3.7, a full click (red button) on the desktop opens the World menu and
>selects whatever option happens to appear under the pointer at that location as
>soon as you move the pointer.  Or, if you move the pointer away from the menu,
>it disappears.
>This is inconsistent, aggravating and, possibly, dangerous as the "save"
>command could be invoked unexpectedly saving your image before you're ready.
>This was not a problem in 3.6, nor is it a problem in 3.7 for other menus such
>as the "Personal" menu invoked with the yellow button.  Also, using the escape
>key to bring up the world menu seems to behave correctly too.

I'm not seeing this bug in 3.7beta-5923.  If I click anywhere on the 
desktop for any length of time (whether 1/30 of a second or 3 seconds), 
the mouse is positioned over the edge of the World menu such that no 
menu item is selected.  If I re-click again without moving the mouse, it 
picks up the menu by the edge without selecting anything.

There was a bug awhile back where something like this would happen if 
you clicked near the right side of the desktop, and the menu would 
appear under the mouse instead of to the left of the mouse, because the 
menu width was being calculated incorrectly.  This had to do with the 
"undo" menu item, but it appears that this bug has been fixed.

The only other possibility is that what you're seeing may be related to 
a VM/event problem that it looks like you're having (your other System 
window buttons bug), which I don't see.  You might want to test with a 
different VM or on a different platform if possible.

- Doug

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