Steve Moffitt stevia at citlink.net
Thu Jun 3 16:01:49 UTC 2004

The window label fix operated differently depending on which VM I used. 
It seemed to work on the unix vm 3.7b-5 but I still had the same 
problem after loading the change set on my mac vm 3.7.3Beta4.
	Playing with this further I found that removing the change set does 
not remove the problem -- it only leaves when I redo the window label ( 
  title  ) font size.
	I keep most of my windows collapsed along the side until I need a 
particular one then when I expand one ( after loading CS 5923 ) the 
fonts on the labels of all the windows change their size simultaneously 
  ( they all get smaller ) and the white stripe appears. It happens on 
all windows old as well as new. The same behavior is exhibited after 
the window label fix .  The only thing I can do is to go into the 
system fonts and change the size by hand.

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