Trouble installing Chuck

lex at lex at
Wed Jun 2 22:05:15 UTC 2004

> I think that you will have some interesting discussions with roel 
> because
> his prolog (SOUL) type engine seems to perform better than yours
> so I imagine that you could really collaborate and analyse that 
> together.

What does the type engine do?

I ask that you please be careful with statements like this.  Chuck
solves a tough problem that has been studied for 20+ years.  People have
pointed me towards many existing tools that turn out not to quite do the
trick.  After seeing your message I searched the web-accessible material
on SOUL and could not find anything specific on type inference. 
Further, I see no mention of issues like contour splitting, block and
selector types, and primitives, which would seem essential to address
if you want to solve the same problem Chuck solves.

Anyway, SOUL is good work and I'm sure Roel and I will have many great
discussions.  Just please be careful about public claims.  They cost
me time and pages of explanation just because otherwise people will
say "I heard Stephane say that Roel has said that blah blah".


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