[ANN] Chuck type inferencer

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Jun 3 17:03:31 UTC 2004

Colin Putney <cputney at wiresong.ca> wrote:
A lot of this object model could
> > surely be offloaded into a tool like OmniBrowser...  but of course, it
> > doesn't actually exist yet.  :)
> Well, it does exist, it's just that OmniBrowser doesn't use it yet. The 
> latest version is here:

Sorry, I meant *didn't* exist, when I was implementing that part of

> Another possible use of Chuck that occurred to me is in translation. 
> With type information one could do a version of Slang that was a lot 
> closer to Smalltalk, using actual objects and polymorphic messages.

Yeah, good idea.  Note, of course, that translation and compilation are
really the same thing!


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