How to transmit user-defined object between client and server?

Chris Muller afunkyobject at
Fri Jun 4 04:02:19 UTC 2004

You need to install Monticello for it to install.  The current version of
Monticello I'm using is 147 I think, although I see there is now a new release
of Monticello on Squeakmap.

Install this and then Ma client server should install fine.  Sorry you had that

If that doesn't work, definitely let me know, I'll dig into it for you.

 - Chris

--- kwiyi woo <kwiyiwoo at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I checked the webpage. It looks great. But when I tried to install it on
> squeak3.6, I got the following error message:
> MessageNotUnderstood: SARInstaller>>fileInMonticellozipVersionNamed:
> Also in the Transcipt: it said 
>  (MCDirectoryRepository is Undeclared) 
> I am working on Window2000. What's the problem for it?
> Thanks
> Kwiyi

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