Consider Changing the Subject of Bug Reports (was Re: [BUG]UndefinedObject(Object)>>error:)

Trygve Reenskaug trygver at
Thu Jun 3 18:52:32 UTC 2004

OOram has an extension to the Notifier that invites the user to send a bug 
report. This report consists of the user's comment, user identification, 
and a textual dump of the stack. The bug report is written to a file for 
later transfer to the OOram maintainer.  The maintainer has a program that 
recreates the stack in the maintainer's image so that he or she can 
investigate the reason for the error.

Probably out of scope for what is discussed here because it is a fairly 
large piece of SW. I have included two screenshots and the VW code here in 
case anybody should care to look at it. (It's not easy to port because it 
uses any number of  OOram library classes)


PS: Is 25 kB too much to put into an e-mail just for luck?

At 03.06.2004 08:24, you wrote:
>I want to point out to everyone that some of the automatically generated
>subjects that the debugger provides are not only less than useful for us
>humans, but also a problem for BFAV2.  I haven't checked to be sure but
>I'm almost certain that this thread will be completely hidden due to the
>fact that another with this exact name was closed some time ago.  The
>only way BFAV2 has to reliably group messages into a thread is by
>comparing titles.  This is just about the #1 most common bug report
>title.  There are in fact many seperate conversations over a span of
>years contained by the thread with this name, IIRC.
>Whenever you submit a bug report please look at the subject of the
>report and consider whether it is reasonably unique and if it
>communicates.  Perhaps something should be added to the UI for bug
>report sending to suggest this so it will more likely to be considered
>at the point in time where it matters.
>On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 22:33, Frank Caggiano wrote:
> > This appears to be the same problem reported by Stéphan Ducasse.
> >
> > The problem is caused by 5923PSPointSizeFix-nk.cs . However it appears
> > to be some sort of re-initialization thing. If you remove the flaps
> > 'world menu>flaps>destroy all shared flaps' then remake them
> > 'world menu>flaps>install default shared flaps' the problem goes away.
> >


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