[BUG] Browser 'explain' fails - browseAllAccessesTo: not implemened

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Jun 4 18:53:27 UTC 2004

hi marcus

thanks for that. However, I loaded you fix and when I select an iv in 
5923 I got a DNU, another one.
But I could not really understand what was the problem (I'm dead now so 
I no braincells left
after this cool but exhausting workshop).


On 4 juin 04, at 18:33, denker at iam.unibe.ch wrote:

> "Change Set:		explainInstFix-5905
> Date:			4 June 2004
> Author:			Tim
> Whilst attempting an 'explain' on an instvar of NewParagraph, it seems
> #browseAllAccessesTo: is not implemented. This appears to be still more
> fallout from the KCP stuff since #browseAllAccessesTo:from: is
> implemented and used.
> Most likely the solution is to change the ParagraphEditor>explainInst:
> method. Possible version attached."
> <explainInstFix-5905.cs.gz>

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