[BUG][RB] Pushing up a class method has a truncated dialog message

Frank Shearar frank at angband.za.org
Fri Jun 4 19:04:53 UTC 2004

I had a class-side method I wanted to push up to the superclass. I got the 
context menu up (is this the yellow button?), selected the Push Up Method 
option, and got a little popup menu. All well and good. Except I only see half 
the message - the other half runs off the edge of the menu so gets effectively 
truncated. What I see is

    "Do you want to copy down the superclass method to the classes that don't 
define ins
    Do you want to proceed?"

To see for yourself, check out my Network-SIP-fbs.20 from SqueakSource (the "A 
SIP Stack for Squeak" project), go to SIPRegister and try push up SIPRegister 


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