[BUG] Browser 'explain' fails - browseAllAccessesTo: not implemened

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Jun 5 14:47:10 UTC 2004

Am 04.06.2004 um 20:53 schrieb stéphane ducasse:

> hi marcus
> thanks for that. However, I loaded you fix and when I select an iv in 
> 5923 I got a DNU, another one.
> But I could not really understand what was the problem (I'm dead now 
> so I no braincells left
> after this cool but exhausting workshop).

That looks like a second bug.

You run into that if you "explain" an instvar in the definiton just 
after selecting a new class. (because then the
name of the selected (or better: not selected) message is set to 
#Definition). (quite a hack, IMHO).

I'l update the cs to include a workaround for that.


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