Anyone want Celeste?

Adam Spitz adspitz at
Sun Jun 6 07:35:04 UTC 2004

Squeak people,

Is anybody else interested in maintaining the Celeste e-mail client?

My day job has gotten to be a lot of fun lately, and it's occupying most
of my spare time. If nobody else wants to maintain Celeste, I'll be
happy to keep on doing what I've been doing (which is mostly just
watching for Celeste patches that get sent to this mailing list), but I
figure it's only fair to let y'all know that I'm not going to be doing
any serious work on Celeste for the foreseeable future. So if you feel
like you've got some extra energy and you'd like to take the reins, now
would be a wonderful time to speak up. :) There's lots of fun stuff that
could be done to improve Celeste, but I don't have the time to do it
these days.


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