Anyone want Celeste?

Doug Way dway at
Mon Jun 7 03:53:50 UTC 2004

On Sunday, June 6, 2004, at 09:13 PM, Adam Spitz wrote:

> Giovanni Giorgi wrote:
>>  I am interested in mantaining Celeste if you like.
>> I can improve the addressbook I have written and some other stuff on 
>> that
>> line.
>> Let's me know!
> Sounds good to me. :) Unless the community objects, I'll send you the
> password for the Celeste package tomorrow.

Sounds great.  I'd only suggest that these Full-image packages should 
have at least one backup maintainer, so perhaps Giovanni could become 
the lead maintainer (owner), and Adam could be registered as a 
co-maintainer of the package.  (This is easy to do on the SqueakMap 

- Doug

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