Anyone want Celeste?

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Mon Jun 7 12:57:22 UTC 2004


Giovanni Giorgi <jj at> wrote:
> Doug Way ha scritto in data 07/06/2004 5.53:
> > On Sunday, June 6, 2004, at 09:13 PM, Adam Spitz wrote:
> >
> >> [snip about Celeste]
> >> Sounds good to me. :) Unless the community objects, I'll send you the
> >> password for the Celeste package tomorrow.
> >
> > Sounds great.  I'd only suggest that these Full-image packages should 
> > have at least one backup maintainer, so perhaps Giovanni could become 
> > the lead maintainer (owner), and Adam could be registered as a 
> > co-maintainer of the package.  (This is easy to do on the SqueakMap 
> > page.)
> No problem :)
> I must review the mantianer rules

They aren't very demanding. A genuine interest is more or less enough.

> By the way, I must:
> 1) Mantain the package, possibly extending it with the new feature request
> 2) Incorporate bug fix and changes via the BFAV

Yes, guarding BFAV is probably the most important thing. I don't expect
a maintainer to necessarily evolve a package a lot - just as long as
he/she integrates what others write.

> 3) Pack the Celeste for the new image release. How is it done?

Well, Celeste 1.22 is packaged as a Monticello package - and it says
that it does "file in properly" in 3.7beta. So I think you should simply
learn Monticello. :)

> Where can I read something about the image release cycle?  (I have seen 
> something in the harvesting page...)

Well, Celeste being an official "Full" package it simply means that you
need to make sure it works fine in the latest current 3.7beta. And of
course verify this when we get ready to release 3.7.

> Thank you!

regards, Göran

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