MaClientServer--which method to modify to handle objects?

Chris Muller afunkyobject at
Mon Jun 7 17:00:37 UTC 2004

> If I don't make a mistake, the default socket handler of the ma server is to
> send back an incoming request right back to client. 

There is no default behavior, you must specify the "processBlock" when you
create your MaTcpRequestServer:

  myRequestServer protocol: { MyClass1.  MyClass2. }.
    processOn: 12345
    do: [ : someRequestObject | KwiyiRequestProcessor getResponseFor:
someRequestObject ]

> 1) Should I modify the method "processRequest: socketAndRequestAssociation"
> if I run it at socket layer.

No.  As you can see, that is a private method.  It is not intended for you to
use or modify.

> 2) Which method should I modify to process the request or response as an
> object if I run it at object layer?

You do not modify any methods.  You just write your own methods in your own
class to create the MaTcpRequestServer and tell it to processOn:do:.  For
example, let's say you create your server called KwiyiRequestProcessor.  In
there, you give it a 'server' instance variable which you initialize with the
appropriate protocol (see MaTcpRequestServer class>>protocol:).

    server := MaTcpRequestServer protcol: { MyClass1.  MyClass2. }.

You need a method to handle requests:

  KwiyiRequestProcessor>>getResponseFor: someRequestObject
    ... take someRequestObject and process however you want ...
    ^ the answer response

To get it started, implement a method that tells the server to processOn:do:.

      processOn: 12345
      do: [ : request | self getResponseFor: request ]

Don't forget your shutdown method:

    server shutdown

Does that help?

  - Chris

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