Macintosh VM plugin building

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Mon Jun 7 19:19:26 UTC 2004

On Jun 7, 2004, at 5:44 AM, Joshua 'Schwa' Gargus wrote:

> I was finally successful building a VM with different internal plugins.
> My problem was that the XCode project has 2 versions of sqNamedPrims.h  
> -
> one in the generated sources, and one in 'platforms/Mac OS' !?!?  It  
> was
> the latter that was being included.  Is this a bug, or is this intended
> for some reason?

The one in the Mac OS folder is the standard one we use to build the  
standard VM. The generated
source builds one based on your VMMaker selection. Delete the one you  
don't need and
configure XCode accordingly.

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